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Zhongze Technology is a professional barcode scanner manufacturer in china since 2004,We own a factory with 1450 Square meters in dongguan city, we have 6  production lines ,40 production workers,3 quality control staffs  and 20 engineers, over those years, we focus on scanner engines development, especially 2D engines, therefore, we are the factory that masters the core technology of the barcode scanners. In order to meet the market demand, we find a large co-packer to enlarge the capacity. Few years past, the co-packer becomes out long-term partner and our capacity is increasing from 50000pcs to 200000pcs per month.

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> he company is engaged in automatic identification and data acquisition, handheld bar code

    scanner and other products research and development, production, sales and application

    Service as one of the high-tech enterprises.

More than 20 years of combat experience
Dust-free assembly line
Full combat experience, continuous innovation

> Scanlogic, a subsidiary of Zhongze, has distributed its products in many countries around the

     world and has a number of global sales channels and networks Quality service in various

     industries and fields. management team.

Strict performance testing system
Years of brand strength precipitation
Strict production process

> Relying on advanced patent technology, excellent product quality, and competitive

     price, give the company's products reliable price and strong market competitiveness.

With many national patent certification
Sustainable development creates value
Strict management system

> Independent innovation mechanism through unremitting technological breakthroughs, has

     the international pioneer, access to intellectual property rights of the bar code identification

     core technology, has a number of national patents, and has formed a set of including patents.

Full service worry-free, quick response

> Companies adhering to the realistic, innovative, win-win business philosophy, but also strive to

     provide all customers with excellent products and services. Quick response within 10 minutes,

     pre-sale, sale, after-sales perfect service system, free you from worries.

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